I have been doing a lot of work on trauma release

      I am discovering  many trauma release techniques:

there are probably more such as :

music therapy

walking long walks


my aim is to share what I have read and what I have found useful

how useful any technique will depend on many factors including:

  • the cause of the trauma
  • the age at which the trauma occurred
  • in the case of child sexual abuse,
  •  weather the abuser was a relative, a friend,
  •      or a person in a position of trust or authority.
  • weather the abuse was in a secular or religous setting.
  • the relationship with the therapist
  • what one can afford.
  • the setting where therapy takes place

personally I use an interdisiplinary approach.

     I also found that trauma was stored in my body

therapists call it body memories.

     I do have a trauma release therapist ( talk only)

however because the trauma in my case was two years and under I had max body memories


    Causes of trauma:

  • I am an adult survivor of infant sexual abuse and emotional abuse in my childhood.
  • survivors of car collisions experience trauma
  • returned soldiers carry trauma
  • trauma from natural desasters
  • other life crises which leave residual traumatic memories.




After around three years of trauma release it is easy to write in generalities
from ones memory
giving ones summary.

    This would do a great injustice to my level of research,
my many Google searches
my discussions with my health care professionals
and the authors of the books I have read.

Some books I found useful and useful links .

"Healing Trauma"  Peter Levine PhD  Sounds True Boulder Colorado 2008

      Peter Levine on Somatic Experiencing   ( for professionals)

       How the Body releases trauma  Peter Levine on You Tube .


"The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process"    David Berceli PhD
   Namaste Publishing Vancouver,  Canada  2008  Fifth Printing 2012




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I have written this from my experience and my reading as a survivor . I am not nor am I implying any formal qualification though I have used transferrable concepts from my university studies in the humanities. Readers should  read with care taking into account your individual circumstances, world view and trigger potentialities whilst applying your own coping strategies, self regulation. No liability can be accepted whilst written in good faith.